What are the annual downtime statistics of European Soccer League?

Without going through FIFA’s code book, downtime provides a window for the referee, players, and coach to get things done quickly before kicking the ball again.  A waiting time. Or a total of stops in a soccer game that compels the officiating referee to extend the play time for some minutes before the final whistle.

Over to you soccer pundits.

Excitement is on the rise as the year completes its Gregorian circle. The air mix is the harmattan. It is hazy and frenzy. The season is super charged to a degree that gets some tripped.

In soccer circles there are excitements too. But some of those     enchanted by soccer have not played kids street soccer. The kind of play that detains young boys and takes their hearts. In their exuberance they abandon errands from parents. Parcels to be delivered remain unattended to even forgotten. Young boys are still caught at street ends doing the same today. Can anyone relate to this?

The scene is changing but the real has not changed. Soccer remains the same allure for adults. This time it is for adults who claim to own soccer clubs and teams. But some argue their claims to a stake in these clubs are nothing better than emotions and emojis. What do you think?

Hey!  These soccer ‘paramours’ live thousands of miles away from Europe – theatre of action. They engage anyone with stories about their club, team and coach. They tell you about the coach that has been sacked. The new one that will perform better. Passion and excitement for the leather game. In a poetry escapade, one writer describes it as “Passion Across the Atlantic”.

Again, let us revisit statistics and soccer statistics.  Statistics is no longer a word  for only the learned. Lately, across the world, statistics is on the lips of politicians. Be sure it will see many abuses. Any time they descend on a word it becomes vulnerable – a crack. It starts cracking like sounds from a machine cracking processed dried palm nuts.

 What a recall?  Our teacher, Dr Aforchild used to play with statistics as a toy. He earned a first class. Later, a PhD from Harvard.  Prof. sometimes looks like a magician in the class. Newton’s lighting speed record is not enough for him, as he moves from one end of the chalk board to the other. Figures and symbols at his disposal are legion. These are his thriller. And he knows it. At least that is how some see it.

Prof. would laugh and say:  “Do not make me look brilliant”.

“You can all do it better”.

“Stats is nothing but using figures and symbols to aggregate large numbers to usable form”.

Interestingly, this is only what one remembers after decades. These words ring more often than those statistics made simple that thoroughly confused the weak.

 In this soccer season who among soccer lovers can easily put the statistics of all the downtime in European premier league

Tell us and get a prize.

If you are not mindful of downtime stats of the game, start from today to keep a tab. Think about what you can learn from it.

The game has just began.

You are free to put down your figures as you work on the total of the downtime count. Meanwhile, take a breather.

What happens during downtime in a soccer game? This is obvious, yet to unmindful observer it is trivial.

Downtime is a window of opportunities!

It provides some players opportunity to lace their boots properly.

Drink water if exhausted. Pour water on the head for comfort and strength.

Hurt or injured player is treated. He is taken out for a while or continues playing.

Coach utilizes the window for new strategies, perhaps, giving ‘deadly’ instruction to one or two players to score winning goal(s).

Fans use the space to gather momentum for the next level of cheering.

A measure of normalcy is restored that enables thinking ability and good conduct.

Players make adjustments.

Referees make corrections.

This positive list is endless.

Downtime is not always a time of loss or woes. Downtime is a window. Determine to open your eyes to it. Use it in your life.

Discreetly, we emphasise the positive. Align with it.

Many tend to be fixated on downtime loss. They do so like counting a loss on a production conveyor belt. Yet, on production lines downtime is used to get things properly fixed. Then, production continues. Would you not rather continue? You are complex and better than a production line.

Did you encounter some downtime this year? What is your present situation? Are you still on the ground? You still have a window to apply the positive in downtime.

Would you see downtime as a window? Time to restore thinking ability?  Refresh? Make adjustment and corrections like a player, coach or referee? Establish a measure of normalcy? Deploy new strategies even as the Gregorian circle is fully drawn?

Use downtime strategies to play and win.

Continue to play to win