“To start today is early”- Quote

Imagine how many dreams that failed to come to life because one failed to start today. A reflection?  Well, true but please, no tallying of regrets. To make those dreams real, start today to transform them into doable things. You may not reverse all failed dreams but start another dream now. Move right now to a new thought. Start to Move!

Remember, without starting it today there will be nothing to build on. You build on something because you started today. Then you make a mark.

A professor you may know started in a kindergarten. The Nobel winner who has many brothers like success started with an idea. It was on a day. He worked through it for many years. Here you see the man as an achiever today. Everybody is applauding the “man they never knew'” But he is now known because he started his work one day – today. Think of building a great edifice. Start today.

Would you not start to plant today? An idea pokes while you are In your bath, on a bus or while you are alone. Great – dignified thought distances you from inanities. Quickly record that dignified little thought. It is a new thing. Expand it today. Today is the day to start.  “To start today is early”

#”Stop running a tally of failed dreams. 

It does not boost new ones.

Invigorate a new dream to become a reality today.”

#He is now a success. 

#Success has many brothers.

#Start something today.

#It will grow. It will be meaningful.

#Start today.