Like flood waters

Covering dry swamp

Quickly creating quick sand

Erosion of our aboriginal forest has become

Our aboriginal forest is not yours

And yours is not mine


Australian aboriginal is land of kangaroo

Amazon thick forest is for Brazilian Amazons

Aboriginal is only aboriginal to those who know it

Jakosu is my aboriginal forest


Where now is our stream – “forest of darkness” – iyi ochichi

Not Ogboju Ode Ninu Igbo Irunmale

At noon a hunter takes a glimpse at a lion,

See real African hog, leopard many colours

In  the evening monkeys say chi di ga elu enwe buu 

Akambo ‘the flincher’ sees a woman fetching wood

Flinches, recoils

It is a family characteristics, nwa onye ufele 

Until rolled into a bag

Easily a dinner sauce meat meal

Jakosu where you see the snake Ekeogba

Garland placed on its coil

Like Greeks returning from Isthmian games

Till killers come

Water gazelles – Mgbada Nmiri speed like Olympic runners chasing prize


Forest of smoke without fire

Where you hear clashing cymbals, resonating echoes

Eerie dominance

Fortifying indigenous esoteric beliefs

Swell the head of the young out of fear

Force a brave man’s  fist clasped in uncertainty

Adults’ teeth held tight in anguish


Where is the Omasayali sporadically erupting like fountains

Turning to massive waters of the mangrove

Myriads Omala fish in October journeying northwards

Like soldiers on Operation Desert Storm mobilization

When Ikwele and Iyolo make their

Catch in millions

Fish sold twenty for a penny, Eke market a fish festival


Uka Igiri your rope igiri runs a stretch of five kilometers

Drawn, follows and follows effortlessly

Waking snails, tortoise, snakes

Resting reptiles

Enough catch for

Sales and  delicacies


Iyi Ochichi – stream of darkness, Iyi Uga – stream of sponges

Iyi Enyi – stream of elephants

In more than one way

Your elephants visit in the thick of October

Drum like foot print across farms

Children in perpetual awe

Agitates the strong

Faints the weak

Keep hunters at bay

Week of rest at home

Homage paid to king elephant


Where is our aboriginal Jakosu

That grows  wonders

They call it Miracle fruit

Seen in Tahiti

Popularized and bottled in America

Making big sales revenue in our home country

Staggering revenues

While we chase the unreachable

But at home resources are destroyed


Do not say

Weep not child

I am not Ngugi Wa Thiongo

Weep child, for glory gone

Paradise lost

Out of ignorance, selfishness and greed

Weep,for thinking white is white

Black is black, blue is blue

Weep, it is late to realize they are not exactly

Weep, human follies are now clearly manifest

Weep, even though it brings nothing

Weep, for it reminds

Weep, It once existed

Weep,  for Glorious pristine

Weep, for it is different from today’s glory

Weep,  as Pristine is remembered