There are seven springs in seven villages within seven miles radius. At seven points they all meet and flow to the river.


Do not be in a haste or get it twisted. Flashing a bizarre label will not take us farther.  Ask questions. Why are seven villages located within seven-mile radius? Why is the location so enriched with springs?

Does volcanic rock formation or igneous rocks that used to keep “Fine-morning” – a geology roommate awakes till the wee hours any hand in this riddle?

Not sure. Take a count of the seven spring waters in the villages again. What is the typography of the seven villages that makes possible unification of the waters from the seven spring sources? How come all the waters unite at some point before streaming down to the river.?


Don’t be surprised.  Seven as a number has its attributes and ascriptions. Many juggles it physically, metaphorically and symbolically. It depends on how things are seen and from whence we are coming.

To be sure, there are natural water springs in many places you may know. Can you still see and name them properly?  Do you realize that human activities are taking a toll on their beauties?

Ask those who know them in their original state. They will give the meaning of beauty and erosion of beauty. Sparkling clean water at natural temperatures erupting round the clock. This beauty goes beyond physical beauty when discerned – the power, consistency, time and space of spring. Quality – clean, cool water plus air of refreshment. You deserve it even if you live outside the seven plus seven spring circle.

Really, these are not contrived springs. They are not look-alike, short of the deep which appeals to the spirit – visible and invisible attributes of real spring.

Yet, there is another spring.

It is also natural and refreshing. You don’t search for it. Spring that imposes itself on you. You must live in it. You are likely to welcome it as a friend. Birds cheer on its arrival. Animals get relief from extreme heat or cold. They all observe and shout the difference.  Vegetation rejoice too on its advent. The atmosphere is doused with its scents. It brings relief and hope. The season called spring.

In the northern hemisphere spring starts after winter approximately from March to May. In other parts that are temperate, spring also show in September and October. Spring equinox (the sun crossing the Equator giving equal day and night) occur twice about September 22 and March 22 each year. It is at the back of many ancient cultures and festivals. In the tropics with essential wet and dry seasons, spring comes before the thick of the rains.

 Regardless of your kind of spring, it attributes are felt even if one is less conscious. Spring comes and goes with its nature, memorable signs, attributes and lessons. When it comes, at a point you exhale, or shout, this is springtime.

Many traditional and pastoral societies share common ideas of spring season. Here, there are festivals that are best suited for the period before new year farming season. Typically, Aho ofu and Ilo nne fall among these events. It appears that a review of ilo nne – Mother’s Day festivals and related activities in this locale could exculpate patriarchy from stigmatization. This period is also known as Ofumagbe (rest season) when dancers from neighboring towns with different languages establish their presence, dances and cultures. The introduction of Egwu Aboh dances in Enuani is said to have taken place in the springs.

As spring comes and goes, it memorable signs and lessons remain with us. Let share a few.

Spring springs hope.

Spring is to rise.

Spring is beauty.

Spring is revival.

Spring is adjustment.

Spring is energy.

Spring is a balance between extremes.

Spring is a time for rejoicing for man, animals and birds.

Birds sojourn from extremely cold north to the south.

Thawed movements improves.

Many things in the soil aspire to rise.

Spring springs all kinds of discounts even incentive to live and travel.

When is your spring?

Does it send out reminders?

Do your plants jubilate?

Do you rejoice?

Do you cage your mind to a single condition that does not notice variations, improvement and change?

Do you take a count of plants and flowers that begin to change at spring?

Naturally, If you fail to go to the spring you may not personally draw from it.

Every day we battle with hope and illusions. It is often a challenge to face disappointments. Yet, let the attributes of spring warm our hearts.  Not simply by its annual emergence but by the permanency of the spring source. Disappointment is like dry suffocating season but the hope of spring and outcome could open our eyes to something new and cheering.

Spring springs hope not based on man but on permanency of the spring source – the power that activates all springs of the world.