We are always reminded that life is not a sprint but a marathon.

Have you given a thought to one underlying connection between the two? Both require a measure of endurance. While sprint takes a short time, a marathon tests your resolve over time. Endurance!

Why should you endure in the first place?

 It is a choice.

 It is a good one for those who want to get to their goal. Getting to your destination may not be easy. But you are determined to get there hence you have to endure.

Many who endure are known as winners. Those who back out are often known as drop outs. You could make a list for yourself of those you know that endured that are winners today.  However, some persons you think did not win might have won in some ways than you think because they endured. They might have stayed without causing all the noise, pain and trouble in the world.

 Go to the Olympic history. Sometimes, stories of some who endured are told and remembered than some who won the gold. Some run, others walk or crawl to the finishing point as ‘winners’. Life unlike some games is not all about time, speed and winning goals.

How long should one endure? There no specific time as each situation requires different approach and attitude. Ensure you are enduring for good not for evil. Your understanding that you may have to endure under a situation will wipe out any entitlement mentality that could undermine your resolve to endure. Don’t allow lack of endurance become your bane.

 “Those you think did not win, might have won in some ways than you think because they endured” – that is imaife.

Often, we only see the exterior and relish on what our eyes accommodate. But the unseen great in unclear outlines can also be perceived. It invites us to see the interior without our eyes.

 Keep your endurance toolkit with you always.