Peanuts and Water!

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Peanuts and water?

This is groundnut (peanuts) season. It is freshly cooked and sold. You can see women, boys and girls carrying quantities of peanuts on their heads. From one place to another, in ‘crude’ ways they advertise their wares without let up.

A seller is invited. She greets cheerfully. A canon for those who sell to excel. The seller brings down her wares. She inquires of need, gives the measure and one or two groundnut as enenea – ‘tasting’ or a jara. The sales is complete. Money is in hand and off she goes looking for another customer.

Then the buyer settles down.

One or two peanuts are in hand. Peanuts are still in pods (shells)! A pod is broken. Here are clean nuts naturally sealed. Invisible voice says, “peanuts are really clean”. There is no need for extensive washing of boiled peanuts.

One picks up peanuts admiringly. Amazing colour not exactly pink captures the eyes again. Inside the pod the nuts are laced. But eaters hardly remove this thin lace in cooked peanuts. Go ahead and eat.

In a moment peanuts find their way to the mouth. Chewing and savouring are ways to lifting human spirit. The palate capable of distinguishing million of tastes sends appealing signals to the brain. O, one enjoys it and becomes one with indescribable taste. The good and assured feelings of taking something natural and clean are unmistakable!

It is a usual experience. There is nothing to write about it. Well, note another experience.

It is gushing from a stone. It is water. Unpolluted and springing as if there is a turbo machine underground doing the pumping. It is a natural spring. Geologists would say there was seismic activity here millions of years ago. But they don’t tell you about a force behind a force that enabled it. They are satisfied with lines of unending theories that underplay the force that makes and unmakes all forces. Anyway, mans thinking will ever leave him as a man, sometimes in a quagmire. Man is not a spirit. He can only be a spiritual man. Therefore, refuse to be derailed by his weird leanings.

Spring waters come in such a clean way that the human mind in all its impurities hardly think of any impurity in a spring as it bubbles forth. That is the beauty in complexity of purity of nature.

Probably, it is why spring water is taken with great delight at source without question(s).

The mind easily gets burdened with too many illustrations. Ekpeka ita isi okwu efuhu. Two are enough for a reflection on natural cleanliness seen from nature. They teach a lesson to the fools even the wise. The work of nature holds a lamp in darkness and lights up the world. It has capacity to clear a blur, especially in minds of those who claim to know and are on the saddle. Those who could not see the difference in clean and dirty, good and evil, justice and injustice! The elementary lesson: Something can be clean. Seeing may not always be the same, but never get drown in relativism. There is a distinction in a twosome. The insight: seemingly little things of natural world shout at roof tops for all to learn.

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Be natural and think clean in a murky world.

“Peanuts and Water”

  1. When and How Does One becomes One with Indescribable Taste?
    There is a Distinction in a Twosome.
    Nature Holds a Lamp in Darkness.
    The Human Mind hardly thinks of impurities as the Spring bubbles forth!
    Chewing and savouring are ways to lifting the human spirit.
    There is Beauty in Complexity of Purity.
    Nature is Clean.
    There are assured feelings in something natural!
    Greet and speak cheerfully, it is a canon for those who sell to excel.
    The mind easily gets burdened with too many illustrations. Ekpeka ita isi okwu efuhu.