There is hardly a word cherished like success? Money trails it. Many are confused about success. Definition are in legions. For those who are at home with fine linings and decorations of definitions, success sometimes fail them. However, there is something obvious. In all cases of success whether objective or subjective, there is something to count. It may be tangible or intangible. There is no success without a count.

The picture above illustrates a kind of success. The pawpaw is fruitful beyond age and height. Still it continues to produce. You can see it. There is a count, more than one or two. But at a point, success could become a burden, a weight and strain. The pawpaw is bent, tending towards a fail with its “success”. Without support survival may be in doubt especially if there is a high wind. It may not likely survive a storm. Success is now a challenge.

The sweet pawpaw needs support. It has gotten one. By this support it may survive to reap further rewards. And survive to count its material success.

In different areas of success, we all need support. Mankind needs support. Education