The Bicycle and the Kings Handcuffs Part 2


    Still on a bicycle.

    Imagine the balancing art of carrying ten calabash filled with palmwine. Riding or “driving” whichever is chosen. Riding through fifteen kilometers of hills, steeps, and stops while loaded down! At some point in life the use of a bicycle could be an art or business outside its affluence and showmanship in the village. Sometimes, it is more than a talk.

    Balancing is an art of leadership. When this intricate balance is taken for granted, it leads to cracks of the gourds. Wine starts leaking. Messy situation starts. Bees from the wild are attracted. They could and usually sting. Revenue gets depleted. There is loss of peace. Often, it heralds a shattered day. The Kings handcuffs could emerge in a different way against the king.

    Dennis and his brother Misach are Palm wine tappers and masters of bicycle balancing art. They tell the story. They exhibit great skills whenever they carry many gourds of palm wine on a bicycle to other villages during festivals. They know the game. Yet, they always recount on rainy day travails. These are days when people are not thirsty for palm wine. Usually, a mind rendering story. It is a disaster when one crashes down on Adugbe Slopes. It is worse with over ten gourds of palm wine in toe. A crash that registers. A register for new orientation lines. A register on how to do it very well. A register about uncertainties. A registry for dealing with challenge of overconfidence. A register of uneven road in life.

    Whosoever has the responsibility to ride a bicycle with ten gourds of palm wine should recognize the balancing art, intricacies in dealing with people, things and the road. Figure out this everyday when you are on any leadership saddle.

    Remember humans are involved. It is crucial to avoid some violations, leaks, spills, messiness. There can be a reversal. The Kings Handcuffs could also be deployed on the King. How? More stories on

    # Bicycle and the Kings Handcuffs.