Perception and Linkage: How?

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It is said that the way we define and present ourselves elicit the kind of attraction we get. It is the same reason perception and linkage are of interest to international relations scholars. Advertisers would say image is everything. In the same vein, human development requires conscious activities.

Three things may be useful.

1. Knowledge: Knowing helps towards ways to do things. What,why, how, when, where?

2. Action. It involves painstaking, purposeful, consistent activities of value and quality over time with eyes on changes ever present in the world.

3. Presentation/packaging: Unless it is well presented, activities and packaging may not be known. If it is always seen or heard too late, it may not always add up or give outstanding result. Remember the world is moving and you are not alone in the race.

4. Serendipitous art: Art is not the intention. Can it be improved to become a contribution in the arts?

This picture can touch our minds towards creativity, originality, innovations and action locally and at world stage

Many countries have failed this test. Individuals can learn from the failures of states. Endemic failure is a noisy relative. When failure takes over, blame is endless. May it not be your trademark.

Start today. Good things will come.
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Drawing from above picture and with practical examples, show how you can arrest lack of personal development? As a youth, how can this simple picture help you develop new ways of packaging and presenting your knowledge and skill to a new high?