How do you regain your desire for that beauty that is sometimes  lost?

This beauty was a maiden for all, always dressed in a lovely veil. Loved by the humble, lowly, and the religious of old. The old world gives her a place in their hearts.
At a time, anonymous writers, donors, advocates filled the world space. Some chose to do great things without seeking to be  known. They are led by strong conviction that their reward perhaps will attain a higher value if they do not always dance to the gallery. Decidedly, they chose to work without being seen with paparazzi. Their resort is not within the public glare.
Another condition that manures the soil of anonymity is fear. The fear of being intimidated or punished. There are conditions that are tidy for some persons to conduct their affairs under cover. This cover protects them from ridicule. Impersonality facilitates continuity in some aspects of life. Think of many great books of old including the bible and their success stories enabled by anonymity. Informants reassurance that what is divulged will not be leaked provides comfort. When  such trust is betrayed, its ripples are endless.
It is also a code of operation of some kind of services. Anonymity provides a blanket which covers operators to swim and sink. They work evil in the name of organizations even the state and still walk the streets barefaced. They share glory of their achievements and receive bashing for failure of collective responsibility in secret. Spilling the beans as they say could cost their lives under this modus operandi.
Anonymity has often been abused by rulers who under the cover of the state deploys various instruments of state to deal with perceived foes. In the process anonymity significantly loose its age long  beauties and value.
Always remember that prejudice always rule the world at epochs.
In the effort to take a cover from prejudice some persons find solace in choosing to be ‘faceless’ without being faceless. They utilize their time to produce prodigious works in various areas of human endeavors quietly even secretly. Some writing and art works sold at high prices today are living testimony to impersonality employed for good. Anonymity gives strength to those  who work deftly for a cause, indeed working over time quietly without thumping up .They have faces yet faceless with a good purpose
Caveat. Anonymity is now facing abuse by a ‘cheer evil’ generation.
The last century’s developments have impacted negatively on the fortunes of being anonymous. Notably, what could be described as  the 3V has taken a toll. The deleterious effects cascade anonymity overtime leading to loss of luster.


The 3V that undermines the beauty of anonymity tends towards the eyes  in visual virtual and vanity. The V is the victory sign against anonymity.

Immediately the world discovered television it seems that the lid was blown open, The centre could not hold. All tried to bask in the new light and euphoria that undermine the value of ages. The slow but impactful sales of new values  by television started gradual erasure of the beauty of Anonymity.
The desire to reach higher grounds engineers the development of computers. In its company is the dream of capturing anything and everything. That dream is on going by the rising goal of picking everything into a kitty and showing it to all who can see or pay for it.
It seems the combination of visual and virtual agenda undermine positives closely associated with anonymity.
Vanity as old term suggests nothingness. Much cheer and applause without getting to the core – soulless. Nothingness but so desired by the senses. It is fleeting, often illusionary.
As old values are devalued and thrown to the dogs, pause and reevaluate your values.
It is to only one Personage some believe all things are exposed. You may disagree.
Note that despite the sounds of openness everywhere, anonymity remains a key strategy of modern world. Where there is surprise there is always anonymity. Do not be deceived by the 3Vs against anonymity.
Anonymity should not be a lost beauty of the world.
Impersonality facilitates continuity in some aspects of life
Vanity as an old term suggests nothingness, Much to cheer and applaud without core – soulless.
Despite the sounds of openness everywhere, anonymity remains a key strategy of modern world.
Where there is surprise there is anonymity.
“nberede yi dike”
 # Anonymity – ‘faceless’ without being faceless’
Anonymity is becoming a lost beauty of the world.
The 3Vs are the victory sign against anonymity.
Anonymity should not be lost beauty of the world.