IMPROVE YOUR DESIRE TO LEARN:(3) Generation Watermarks


Each generation has watermarks. Watermark is a technology in printing. A light mark not always visible is imposed on a printing paper. It can be seen on reflection, when the paper is placed at a degree to allow light or sunshine. Otherwise, it may be invisible even with clear eyes.

Interestingly, this technology is common on paper currencies. It forms distinctive security features of some currencies. Being unaware of it does no harm to the features. But being aware of it puts one in good stead not to be deceived. Therefore, in saying that generations are sometimes like watermarks, means there are features of a generation not always very visible to all. That watermarks are not seen do not remove their existence. Being conscious of them may turn out for good.

Listing them have their beauties and draw backs.The challenge is so because of watermark features. For example globalization is closely associated with the rise in Internet communication Technology( ICT) and the collapse of the former Soviet Union(USSR). The rise of ICT had begun earlier, while the seed of decay which led to the collapse of the USSR was on going both from inception( according to historians) through the decades that followed.

The collapse is thought as simply a culmination of features not clearly seen by all but were evident. In alluding to a generation, it requires introspection that don’t just runaway without spending time. Major character of introspection is sparing of time to work on a rework.

It is intriguing to discern what is seen as a generation declarative spirit. Like humans, rivers and streams a generation of people and things are always there. When declarations are made about them, it wakes consciousness of a non perceptive audience. Then note is taken. Therefore, a careful examination of non apparent features are imperative to gain uncommon knowledge.

Many generations of men and women have passed with their peculiarities. Do you know that Europeans contact with Africans did not immediately set on course full acceptance of European ways – beliefs, foods, health care systems and occupations? During colonization, resistance did not end in political resistance but extended to other things. What was the benefit? Health conditions, linear thoughts, life styles, and diseases associated with European ways were postponed.

Many in this generations survived without cigarette, processed sugar, food additives, alcohol and contraceptives. Do you know many who are from this generation that survived through the 20th century never tasted cassava, drank tea or coffee, ate biscuit or the likes. They never took synthetic contraceptives of any kind. They had their ‘raw lives’ over the years and some lived reasonably healthy and long.

Can any existential lessons be drawn from their experience? Clash of culture comes with a baggage. But you can screen the baggage to be wise. Do you notice what cigarette use has done to generations. Some accepted it as being in tune with civilization despite knowing the contrary. Students those days used to stole away from hostels to go smoke. When they are advised, their refrain:”oyibo lives longer than Africans yet Oyibo smokes”. “Only dummies fail to try.” What a shame! Sick mind and eyes always fail to see rainbows many colors.

Misled youths will not remember that Africans taken as slaves were healthy to survive the tedious Atlantic journeys and settlement in the new world without many of the things traded by their captors. Let us not venture into ‘food lies’ that have been well documented both locally and internationally. Okwusie ogu ( What I say is final) mentality of this generation dumbs introspection and limits learning.

There was a time that young ladies who knew the names of synthetic, oral contraceptives and extensively use them were considered wise in their ‘ enlightened circles’. But after years of healthcare gerrymandering, what is the status of this ‘wisdom’? When wisdom warns of dangers, often, only the wise and those affected by the past tend to fully understand the pains of deception and betrayal. This ran high this week on hearing of five women acquaintances below 50 years dying of women cancer related cases. How sad.

It is beautiful to live through generations physically or through knowledge. It helps to see one that tries to abhor or condemn evil and waywardness. Yet another that seems bland, extols breaking of moral scales, distorts reality but would turn around to declare moral purity as good when times change and ‘approved’ thoughts and positions come under scrutiny. Why is situational ethics always on freelance?

Has the deception and betrayal gone with the wind? Certainly not. Be brave to identify your generation deception in thoughts, foods, entertainments and living. Many deceptive things are packaged as good and useful. Many take delight in them. When you remember the lies some were made to swallow as foods, drinks, cigarette, medicine, contraceptives, good life, then, look again at your generation watermarks especially as lies make the rounds.

When you hear about generation watermarks, slow down. Spend time for introspection and understanding to reflectively see the features of your generation watermarks and that of the past that can make you smart and wise.

#Subtle features could be identified and pinned to a period in men’s affairs.
#Discernment is always required to identify these features.
#Simply to know does no magic. Acting on knowledge does it.
#Take time out of a noisy, busy world to learn things that are helpful
and useful.