Productive Scan of Opportunities in 2020


Even at war there are opportunities!

Scanning machines are many in our time. They scan bodies, brains, organs, bones, marrows, guts, tissues, crevices and the likes in humans and things. Scanning takes place in awesome waves, rays and ways in humans, places and things. At airports, you are scanned sometimes without knowing. It is a world of scan and scam. You should always scan in order not to be scammed.

Scanning has taken the practice of health care, medicine even security to new levels. In healthcare are X-ray, Ultrasound, Positron Emission Tomography(PET), Computer Tomography (CT), Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Bone Scan and others coming to the rescue.

Human mind and our optic-sensory systems have enormous capacity to scan things quantitatively, qualitatively even discreetly. For a moment take a leave from machines and equipment, focus on man – your good self and others.

The primary goal of scanning seems to identify and clarify hidden things. It is useful in diagnosis providing pathways to action and reducing imprecise results or rule of the thumb. Precision tends to enhance stability. Scanning works at improvement, reduce tedium, perhaps bring about cures.

Scanning machines come into the picture because of the limitations of our sensory systems. Yet, it is the same sensory systems that ultimately empowers action in decision making after the use of a scan. In the same token our eyes as a part still do great work to identify what, where, how of the environment where we live. When appropriate tools are applied, there is result. It does not matter where one lives, one needs to regularly scan ones environment to aid actions and for good results.

What about dark and misty environment? It challenges resolves and dreams. It is why you need to scan. It is for the revealing of such unclear places that scan is invented. Invent your kind of scan for such places in order to breakthrough.

Francis Fakuyama wrote The Great Disruption – Human Nature And The Reconstitution of Social Order(1999). He identifies social indices – crime, family, poverty and demographics, norms, social order, self organization, technology and networks. These are some of the disruptive societal agents. Fukuyama thinks of capitalism as a master mind that would ever remain on ascendency for good. He argues on the disruptions, also on the inevitability of hierarchy and leadership. But he did not see the kind of leadership crisis endowment as a daily dish in a world of the future.

It is well known that leadership and crisis are twin neighbors. Incubation of crisis are normal in the game nations play but always moderated at different points. However, these days self inflicted anomie in some states seems to have become the norm.

Many have learned to live and survive in this abnormality. If this malaise is the state of affairs in your country, what could be done? Some have found solace in migration at any cost. Others could not afford it. They must learn to live with leaders lacking in scanning propensities thereby delivering backwardness and inflicting limited capacity for development. Is there a way out?

Recall that even at war there are opportunities.

Don’t get it wrong. It is not opportunism on swing in some places or “toads of war”. This is a discussion of unstable situation that reduces opportunities for growth. In such milieu foreign direct investment declines, infrastructural deficit is interminable, dis-shelved citizenry gloat over their misery, uncertain political, economic, and social future are always on the horizon. There is loss of spirit. This state sometimes qualifies as a kind of ‘war’. Under this haziness, regular scanning is imperative in:

✔️Decision making


✔️Productive activities

✔️Healthy living and entertainment.

✔️Business opportunity



These points above are left unexplained. Why? They are left so you can fill in the gaps with suitable words as teachers of old used to write on chalk-board. Choose what suits you and expand the thought beyond insular confines of your society. However, we can illustrate the point with just one example.

How does railroad system drive development? Take your time to read history of railroad systems in America and across the world.
What opportunities are associated with it even though discussion of railroad system may seem archaic in this decade of the century.

People always know of opportunities, but standing up to use them is a challenge. Sustaining the tempo is no little issue. But you know that opportunities are not opportunism. We don’t subscribe to the latter. As you carefully work in the calendar year,(not cruise because scanning is not done in a hurry), start early to scan your environment for your good. Be strong to scan with excellent result. Worthwhile, achievable goals are drivers as your scan works powerfully.

Work scan Work scan Work!

Always remember that even at war there are opportunities!

# Even at war there are opportunities