I See you praying
Seeking blessings of kind merciful God
Sitting above all
Seeing seasons of wickedness
Setting long rope for change
Sees you praying for peace, yet you are
Seething in anger,
Set in arm ready for war

Are you praying
praying on mountains of all hues
In the name of God of goodness
While you command destruction madness
Always going berserk in mind of darkness

Set like angry lion devouring everything of goodness
Locust eating down, creating destruction channels
Setting on fire houses shops and offices
Destroying without a stop like hurricanes

Desperately moving like flying mitten searching for tree canopy
In search for fellow brothers you know too well
Who eat drink and cheer with you
Slicing their necks like eatable animals
Setting fire on young and old
Slitting abdomen of pregnant woman
Young, youthful Youths
Setting sun at noon,
death unprovoked
Bitter history for a nation that hates history

Maddening crowd
Excuse always marooned in
Politics, religion, race, booty sharing
Excuse that does not stop your odd history of fifth and sixth decades
Even the history of today

I see you gradually kill the peace
Vendetta is now your harmony
Senseless hand maiden of wicked men, soulless men praying
Living war not peace
Preaching peace after war
Deceiving yourselves
But God is watching you
Not from a distance
Assuredly too close
I see you