Eaters of poisonous mushroom hardly survive
But this is man made evil, mushroom
Forever evil
When it sprouts
becomes full grown in the atmosphere
As pain rivets
Havoc etched forever in hearts
Like when one hears of rape of an under aged
Evil, bitter deadly mushroom
Of Hiroshima

Evil mushroom is evil symbiosis
Hiroshima and Lagos
Sharing evil night dinner
Where men cry in anguish
Unmindful great trek
stampeding on souls
Confused minds, yet walking
To death in
massive death trap
Believing it is escape

Evil mushroom
Of fire missiles bombs ammunition glow
Arrows of annihilation
On frightful souls
Driven by evil mushroom
Seeing only death
in confusion that ended in
Oke Afa under belly

Evil mushroom
Lagos ate deadly mushroom
incinerating glow of fire
Earth and heart in multiple gyrations
Litany of Ewoo, Egbami, ewoo
in miserable confusion
As men invite their creator
In native tongues
As they are wont
In great danger

Evil mushroom
When you’re remembered,
In a Silver jubilee, Centenary
May it be of good
sharing with Hiroshima
In advanced tech development
And not in that evil night reflections
The Evil mushroom of bombs
Of pains death and sorrow at Okeafa canals

Lagos, 29/04/09
January, 27 2001 “Day of war without a war” in Lagos. Strategic arsenal was on fire at Ikeja Military Cantonment. Confusion and death that follow even on the following days is for historians to chronicle. Lagos shared a miniature experience with Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan. This poem could also be titled Evil Mushroom. Who now remembers?