WE live in a world that is open but not always as open. Often, it requires decoding. There are unrelated issues that might involve you even when you are not interested. How can wisdom and self confidence help? The door is open.
Now, the  thing troubling the whole world is Corona virus. Mankind will not easily forget this odious Covid-19 in this century Science is coded. No doubt, there would have been no brouhaha on 5G, vaccines and making of quislings if aspects of a new technology are not shaded.
Governance is understandably coded. Coding is what puts some countries ahead of others. To make big money requires breaking some codes. There are racial codes too. Whether one agrees or not, the new world is dealing with a lot of coding and codes.
Often, humans like to unravel the unknown. Curiosity and gains are lures and enduring companions in such search. Outcome may not be exactly. But distraught mankind may just have to live with it.
Those who take the initiative to unravel the code make the name and money while late comers  pick the crumbs. The real deal goes to big boys at world stage. So there is always a struggle. Big struggle, that dominates the world. This struggle is mixed with all kinds of issues – health, politics, economics, finance, commerce, perception, reality, greed and arrogance. Often, they endanger our lives.
One of the greatest concern of the moment is how to establish a health code( system, protocol, means). For five months, there is no consensus on the appropriate code that can give healing to covid-19. Morbidity is grotesquely on television breakfast servings. This is without veil. Raw stats dripping and dipping consciousness.
Many hands are  in the bowl. Discordant tunes of experts from north, south, east and west are deafening. Some would say theirs are working, in America, Cuba,  China, and  Europe. Madagascar and Senegal are African nations in the race.
In some African countries the will for indigenous try out is hit by lack of excitement. Others allege talk down even disparagement by gatekeepers questioning  ‘unconventional method’. The nature of search for cures are fundamentally divergent. The search button is unclear.
Mankind history is in part history of epidemics and pandemics. Whenever it surfaces, outcries follow. As it spreads and harms, human psyche takes worst toll. Experts and politicians jostle in the game they know best, while effort to lower the curve or break the chain continue. In time nature of things hopefully will adjust. There is hope in the lighthouse.
“In scientific effort to care and cure, there are gambles.”
“Are there gambles in scientific research too?”
“But laymen know nothing! What happens in the laboratories across the world? Scientists understand themselves better. They know the real – empirical or scientific allegories. The latter inundates with how one thing escapes from the bush to the labs and from the labs to the market. Species, mutations and synthesis which laymen do not understand. But who determines their truth and falsehood?
Movie industry will have their fill with dramatics at the end of the day. Some scientists float with linear thought, theory and paradigm with in-built high walls. They tell you who is wise, idiots and fools in their own eyes. Well, who really talks with experts but experts. The truth is they may find a way, some how, some day even if it is not exactly what you expect.
“But from where and at what cost?”
“They degrade any thought not aligned to their orientation and  call names. They lump people who disagree with them. They ignore elementary rule of the use of “some” for “all”. By so doing some think they will be accepted on the “accepted list.”
“Whose list?”
Ifenwute is pained. “It is sickening seeing academics and our people – loose all senses of limits in groveling on the current health challenge. It hurts to observe lack of African historical knowledge that can inspire  action”
“We are all men. But remember folks say of  a man who is told he is not a man. He retorts: “my wife is pregnant at home”. Is that really what makes a man?”
“Now is a window of opportunity Africa should not miss. At least for now, all men are men and equal before Covid-19.”
It is simple.
Human brain is configured in a special way. It tends to work harder in challenging situation. This has nothing to do with one being smart. It is largely natural impulse with mankind. Such scenarios are present from time to time. Interesting but dangerous. Hot chase by law enforcement officers after an offender or a thief. It is always open Olympic Games heat without prize in clumsy terrain in the cities. You watch in awe – cinema ofè.
Indeed, it brings to memory ‘Uncle’ Godwin Story.
“The desire to escape harm challenges the brain to out perform itself.
Tax collection from adults was prevalent. A strong point in pre independence and early post independence tax administration. This was before oil and ‘camouflage’ came and affected creativity in public space. Santa Claus mentality followed in toe. Its attraction was not only a dissonance, it tumbled a tradition. If one fails to pay tax and one is caught, one is fined or go to prison. Tax collectors would carry out raids to give life to this aspect of law and administration.”
“On one of such raids, ‘uncle’ Godwin was in the sitting room. He saw two men dressed in police Afifia oka uniform. Indeed, strangers from nowhere were after him determined to take him to “the pit of hell” – whatever that means.”
“These are tax collectors. Without a thought, Godwin springs like a bent spring stressing for a rest. His volt found him behind the gate in a manner that would astound Ben Johnson. Then, the chase begins. Godwin knows the terrain. He dazzles them by speed and understanding. He escapes.”
“Later, the locals say his brain produced excess Adrenaline. “What is adrenaline?”
“Human brain works harder when in trouble. Jail break allows for escape. Criminality gives it a gestation and delivery. But underlying  motive is freedom.”
“To escape death is always a struggle. It gives the highest  room for  adrenaline ‘quantum progression’ in times of crises. Take your time to reflect on the foregoing. What follows is thinking, struggle, action or inaction that could be implied action. This is the way African societies facing threat of epidemics and pandemics should react.”
“Again, what are known protocol in dealing with epidemics in Africa in the past before  loss of confidence and soul as being exhibited by some academics, leaders and internet horde?”
“In the past there were family health specialists with knowledge of specifics from time. Some of the specifics are orally documented inheritance.”
“Documented in the sense that when there is a need, no one in the community fails to consult them for their ‘concoctions’ ‘therapies’ ‘herbs’ ‘witch medicine’ ‘toxic’ and ‘unscientific brew’ – pejoratives that is intended to whittle down quality, importance and efficacy of what they did. In every community there a families who are specialists in managing different conditions. They receive a token or none for such services.”
 “Monetization and adulation are never top in the health industry of the people. Inquire from families that handle infertility, pregnancy and childbirth, bone handling and dentistry. Other conditions include convulsion, eye care, loss and improvement of blood including management of poison,( at least in their own way). This allowed communities to remain healthy. Men, women, boys and girls strong enough to be moved as slaves to work and develop other nations.”
“Besides non occupational health care practitioners, there were guilds  of medicines and surgeons in communities that exchanged knowledge and consult in critical cases.”
“In the event of an epidemic or pandemic, such guilds meet  in consultation with diverse groups, designing protocols and ascertaining best and curative results. Virus and bacteria were not strangers to them for centuries. It is not rocket science.”
“Agglomeration was their well known protocol. Some were administered by all but others were handled by specialists. By this method, old societies survived with strong, healthy men and women.”
“Their numbers in the west shows that at a time they came from a thickly populated Africa. Lies about massive death of the people in their locations of origin like the one experienced during Spanish flu was not their normal.”
“Not regurgitating Walter Rodney, these communities had confidence in sustaining themselves. Among them were those who fought one of the longest Anglo/Nigerian wars for over 20 years. The catchphrase of Ekwumeku war was Ndi oyibo ga na – “Europeans must go”. . This is not a mark of weaklings or a people who thought they cannot survive without foreign presence or health aid. Self confidence is written all over their story!”
“Folks recount how paternal grandmother Nneanyi Ogudinachi nwa Mobuno- Awuka joined combatants and helped his father escape imprisonment and being shipped to Calabar in the notorious Secret Societies Trials  of 1902/1904. This is our history. It is not that of fear and ineptitude dominating discourse in circles of today.”
“There are  rumbles. Why are men today begging, seeking approval and condescending? One hundred years after: what is happening?  Where are the modern men knowing so much but crippled by fear to aggregate thoughts and actions that can deal with challenges within. Why have they become children lacking self confidence in every sphere?”
“This is a new world they say!  It is true. But, unless one lives in it with wisdom, tact, and self confidence, slave era stories will be a joke.”
“Time will come when subsequent generation would ask questions.”
 “At your time what did you do as a people who claim to be better than our forefathers who used crude knowledge?”
“How many African medicine committees were set up in our states and funded like scientific agencies in some lands to tinker with so called crude natural medicine to deal with Covid-19?”
In old English: Where art thou thy knowledge of so called civilized elite of Africa?”
“Why  did your country fail to produce demonstrable result when other nations on earth were producing home made cure in 2020?”
“The pandemic made the whole world equal at almost the same time.”
“Africa – where were your children?”
Self confidence is perpetual struggle because you cannot know everything and have everything.
You are right.
However, it can be acquired. The greatest source is from high but other things can help to sustain it.
Self confidence is a natural thing in the sense that every one can aspire to have it. Interestingly, it is found in a unity of psychological sociological and spiritual brew. Aforesaid constituents could as well leave individuals with or without it if mismanaged.
 Self confidence could sprout and show in activities of individuals, peoples and countries. There could be differentials, yet it carries common underlying  mix. In a careful check, self confidence is unmistakeable.
 Among individuals and groups, lack of confidence may become reoccurring quicksand, but could be mitigated. The longer such confidence ebbs, the more it breeds a new lack, undermining strands of activities even everything.
 When a man is unable to feed himself, family, self manage, educate, and consistently live by the lead and support from others, self confidence lowers. How can such person exude confidence?
Confidence is derived from something and somewhere. It is not a stand alone artist. Confidence is like History. As confidence looks back it grows and glows. One should aspire for it, work for it and live it. Otherwise, one will  be like a story told without  structures and elements that could build conviction.
Remember, we live in a new world where you can be given a thousand nods that are not approval!
Discerning minds understand deceptions.
Political question that fascinates young men at a time was: “What is to be done?”
A colleague would always answer: “Over to you Children of Africa.”