Human imagination is great. One of its puzzles is what we see as simultaneous imagination. This happens in persons living in different places, at the same time. You may be absorbed in thought about an idea. As you go, you want to convince yourself you are making sense. Perhaps, you open a newspaper or the Internet. What do you see? Exactly what you are thinking or something close. In simple and intricate things. Even in a choice of a name. You find out that the name giving you a thrill has German, Italian, Japanese and Igbo variants. How come? You continue with your work. At the end, those who come in contact with the work may show delight in your effort - creativity and perhaps originality. Why? In the seeming uniformity in thought in the world there is always a difference. That uniqueness is a delight. It is a bright spot in the arts. Teachers and trainers look for it, encourage and reward it. We love it. We are humans with some universal experience too. That also brings unity to imagination. In many ways imagination is reflective in art forms -writing, painting, drama, poetry, dance, movies, reviews and more. In all, we make effort to see differences in imagination and creativity that inspire. We celebrate it. We create awareness of events that promote youth imagination and creativity. We invite youths to express their thoughts. What is new and unique? We salute this gift in different ways. Art/Events -

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